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Oh, just noticed, the last page of the pdf is data for East Germany.

SOZ.-VERS.PFL. BESCHÄFTIGTE = employed with social insurance
Frauen = women
unter X Jahren = below age X
X Jahre und älter = age X or older
Ausländer = foreign [citizen]s

ARBEITSLOSENQUOTEN = jobless quotas (percentage)
alle zivilen Erwerbspersonen insgesamt = all civilian persons with income
abhängige zivile Erwerbspersonen insgesamt = dependent civilian persons with income

LEISTUNGSEMPFÄNGER = receivers of benefits
Arbeitslosengeld = jobless benefit (there are two kinds)
Sozialgeld = social benefits

GEMELDETE STELLEN = reported vacancies
Zugang im Monat = new this month
Zugang seit Jahresbeginn = new since beginning of year
Bestand = inventory
dar.: ungefördert = of this, unsubsidized
sofort zu besetzen = fillable immediately

AKTIVER ARBEITSMARKTPOLITIK = participants of selected active job market measures
Bestand insgesamt (ohne Kug) = current numbers (without short-term workers [workers who in an economic downturn aren't fired but employed part-time with wage reduced proportionately]
Qualifizierung = qualification
Berufsberatung u. Förderung d. Berufsausbildung = job advice and helping job-oriented education
Beschäftigungssbegleitende Leistungen = benefits paired to employment
Beschäftigung schaffende Maßnahmen = job-creation measures

Kurzarbeiter = short-term workers

SAISONBEREINIGT = saisonally corrected

The rest can be deduced.

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