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I think at least two things were at hand.

  1. The PvdA campaign approach. Bos already had some of a reputation of a turncoat and a wishy-washy, and his campaign did not help to dispel that. CDA came out swinging (unexpectedly harsh even), and PvdA cowered. It shouldn't have happened: PvdA got hammered by the VVD earlier. Every politician was terrible in its sound-bites, Rutte and Balkenende as bad or worse than Bos (in my opinion).

  2. Secondly, the strategic vote. PvdA decided they could take on the CDA alone by its own strength. Time and again Bos was asked for his favourite coalition parties - he never answered it, leading to a growing unrest he'd just as well pick CDA over the other left parties. And people who detest Balkenende's policy saw already happening Balkenende still would return to the government - so they moved further left: to the SP. To no avail, in the end, but there you have it. Some 25% of previous PvdA voters went into the SP vote.
by Nomad (Bjinse) on Thu Nov 23rd, 2006 at 10:14:28 AM EST
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