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BBC News: Russia denies poisoned spy claims
The Kremlin has dismissed as "sheer nonsense" claims it was involved in the poisoning by thallium of a former KGB colonel living in the UK.

Alexander Litvinenko, 41, has been moved to intensive care at UCH hospital after a deterioration in his condition.

The critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin fell ill on 1 November after a meeting at a London sushi bar.

His condition remains serious but stable. Met Police anti-terrorist officers are leading the investigation.

Friends of Mr Litvinenko have alleged he was poisoned because he was critical of the Russian government.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: "We cannot comment on the very fact of what happened to Litvinenko.

"We don't consider it possible to comment on the statements accusing the Kremlin because it is nothing but sheer nonsense."

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Mary Dejevsky, the Independent's Russian expert, believes it's too easy to blame the Kremlin. she thinks this would be the last thing they need.

She reckons this is more likely to be a plot to discredit Putin using guilt by association.

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