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So nobody is going to be held accountable for either the police brutality or the sacking of the TV building?

I didn't say that. For the storming of the building, of course a lot of captured rioters stand trial. For failing to prevent the storming, it remains to be seen what decisionmakers decide -- and the very existence of the investigation shows that the government and police leadership was forced back from complete denial and wants to 'come clean' to some extent, we'll see how far it goes. For police brutality, a number of policemen have been indicted (largely thanks to the work by said NGOs), but as I wrote in earlier diaries, the main problem was the law-breaking practice of taking off identifying numbers from policemen's helmets.

True.  Anywhere.

I'd disagree here. It wasn't as bad here nine, or even just five years ago. And while the USA has a two-party system with similar symptoms, people from differing political backgrounds can be critical of their side and get along and even talk politics between friends from different camps in most other Western countries, say Germany.

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by DoDo on Tue Nov 21st, 2006 at 07:19:02 AM EST
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