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Having read both of your excellent diaries I have taken the liberty to extract some statements from your descriptions of the parties, a kind of short hand guide for poll watching as my memory does not otherwise hold up... Cutting left and right without too much care, hope you don't mind...

  • Partij voor de Dieren (Pro-animal party)
    Animal Mob

  • SP (Socialists)
    the classic protest alternative, conservative and suspicious of the powers of the European Union, has become an acceptable option at the left.

  • GroenLinks (Greens)
    progressive heart of the left. individual freedom, emancipation, equality in wealth distribution, left liberal model, balance between economic growth and ecological/ environmental responsibility
  • PvdA (Labour)
    liberal, humanist and feminist ideas, modernizing as it went along. the biggest centre-left party
  • Democraten 66 - D66 (Social Liberals)
    D66 formed the third (and last) party of the government coalition for the [current government]
  • CDA (ChristianDemocrats) -- Centre
    A coalition party of the current government readily embraces members adhering other faiths than Christian ones.
  • VVD (Liberals) -- Cerntre right
    formed the second important leg to the [current government], [pro] welfare state, progressive in individual rights, market liberalisation, private entrepreneurship.

  • ChristenUnie (ChristianUnion) -- Centre right
    more conservative than VVD and CDA, Socially, remarkable program, could just as easily class the ChristianUnion as a conservative party at the left.

  • SGP (Political Reformed Party) -- Centre right
    The Dutch Christian Fundies.
  • Fortuyn (Fortuynists) -- Hard right   
    Good riddance.
  • EénNL (Hard-Right, former Fortuynists) -- Hard right
    His choices on immigration and integration, bring him to the right of the spectre.
  • Groep Wilders / Partij voor de Vrijheid  (Wilders Group, former VVD)  -- Hard right
    "tsunami of islamisation" , Extremely libertarian, Opposes further EU enlargements, wants to scrap the European Parliament.

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    I should work out your "scorecard" to a (slightly) less biased overview/summary with 4-5 party key-points.

    Too exhausted with politics now... Need... air...

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