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I find the article and the index lacking something. I have been giving a bit of thought to what is a democracy over the last couple of years. My thought is that it is necessary that new political parties form with reasonable possibilities of achieving the reigns of power. The US definition is not that bad: Of the people, by the people, for the people.

This does not seem to mesh well with what the Economist has published. Canada at 9 seems to be questionable. It is true that in Canada it is possible to form new political parties, and to achieve some success in exercising the reigns of power, but it is not easy. First past the post should tell it all. There is additional problems with change, in spite of a wide agreement that it is needed - the current system provides more power to Quebec (and possible Quebec separatism) than a functional representative system. It is even worse than first past the post if one digs into it with guaranteed seat for provinces meaning that a vote from a person in Toronto is worth far less than a vote from a person in Prince Edward Island or Nunivet.

In the US, it is almost impossible to form new political parities with reasonable possibilities of achieving the reigns of power. "Democracy" is limited to a narrow window between right wing (Democrat) and fascist (Republican). It does not matter if your views are in the majority - or even large majority. There is no democratic outlet for views unless they fit the establishment views. As was shown by the amen crowd, the only real way to engage in political change is to engage in a hostile take over of one of the political parties. The US as a full democracy is a piece of propaganda.

I find it difficult to imagine as accurate any survey ranking that does not reflect the difficulties of actually bringing in new ideas and people into government as opposed to recycling the old ideas and people endlessly.

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