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Do we take care of people through the state, or through private charitable contributions?  Yes!  

Clearly we can do both, if we choose, as individuals.

Do not believe that those that provide such charitable services will not eventually make demands on the body politic.
I don't accept this premise.

If an individual wants to fund scholarships for people that might need them, I say good for him/her.  If he wants to provide more funding for a disease that he has special interest in, good for him.  

Life is about choices.  If I want to help people in some way, rather than, for example, buying  a 3rd car or 2nd home, I'll do it.  I might feel the government is totally ignoring some need--if so, I can donate my time to the need, I can raise money for the need, or I can directly contribute to it.  

I don't do charity. I pay taxes.
I choose to do both.

Large scale charity is feudalism, pure and simple. It's a primitive form of government, based on the cult of the individual, the lack of formal rules, and the might-is-right mindset.
You're free to think that,,,I think it's rubbish.
by wchurchill on Fri Nov 24th, 2006 at 05:54:51 PM EST

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