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you probably know this, but just to clarify for others who may not,,,,,groups like the NRA are not classified as charitable organizations.  So contributions to them are not tax deductible, as are charitiable deductions to organizations such as the Red Cross, United Way, Katrina or the tsunami fund raising programs, etc.  The NRA is a political advocacy group, and just like all political donations, not tax deductible.

If people who give to the United Way truly cared about the poor, shouldn't they direct their money and effort toward lobbying the government and pressuring candidates for political office to build a safety net, instead?
Personally I give to both charitable groups and political groups and parties pushing an agenda.  In my case 90% to charitable causes I believe in and 10% to political efforts.  But it seems to me this is a matter of choice.  I check out the charities I give to to find out how much of the money goes to their served cause as opposed to administrative costs, marketing costs, etc.(they are required to provide those documents, and audited on the veracity of the documents--not suggesting it's perfect, but just good).  It seems to me that both advocacy and charity are worthwhile efforts for all of us, but individually we should just make our own choices as to how much money and time we want to, and can afford to, put into these efforts.
by wchurchill on Sat Nov 25th, 2006 at 03:36:45 AM EST
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