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a number of good and interesting points, and I agree with all of your 4 points.

I have always read Mathews comment as being to each of us as individuals.  And in fact was a very personal comment, and not directed at the government.  I'm responding to "What good is a government that does not do what it can and leaves a second-class charity to its citizens to pick up? "  we as individuals don't have a lot of control over how the government spends its money (except through advocacy, and one vote counts).  But I've never taken my tax bill and computed how much is going to helping my brother--maybe I should.  And Mathew was talking about each of us doing this from the heart--when we do it through tax policy, we force some of the people who are paying taxes to give,,,,and it may not come from their heart at all.  I don't mean to argue on the other hand that the government shouldn't do this--it's effective and needed in many areas.  It's just the linkage of the reason for this scripture somehow doesn't fit with government spending for me.  Sorry to ramble--I probably need to think about this more.

by wchurchill on Sat Nov 25th, 2006 at 01:02:18 PM EST
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