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in the Netherlands has made VVD (Liberals) party leader Rutte come out swinging that all EU negotiations with Turkey should now be abandoned from henceforth - in a populist move to get voters back and also to return him to the public stage which has been dominated so far by two party titans: Prime minister Balkenede and opposition leader Bos.

As could've been predicted Rutte's sputtering has
(practically) been ridiculed by the Commission. And not he, but Geert Wilders got invited the same evening. Rutte, in the meantime, made everyone uncomfortable by implying that the death of his father was a good opportunity to leave the parental nest. Ack.

One day soon I need to write that diary on the parties in the Netherlands... But it's making me feel all filthy again.

by Nomad on Fri Nov 10th, 2006 at 07:49:43 AM EST
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