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.... isn't it excellent ot have a very strong Euro now?

Would it not be very good for the global economy to force a 1.7$ per euro with 100$ barrel of oil. Oil for Euope will remain constant.. the US will feel the pain and rebalance their oil waste...the European economy will sustain on their own with under control inflation, not low interest rates, internal demand.. and China, India andd SouthAmerica growth..

Would not it be loverrrrly...that said.. can an stampede of the US dollar bring it down to 2.5-4 $ per euro.. or is it impossible? I doubt the US economy can collapse....other than that I would go for a mild long recession for the US in the next 2-4 years as excellent news for the world.. and the US probably.

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by kcurie on Tue Dec 19th, 2006 at 01:32:10 PM EST

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