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The choice of any American President, and the marketing of that President before, during and after his term, is not a matter of meritocracy or a choice of the voters.

It is more like a coronation well before any voting occurs of a few princes, of both parties. Princes who will each honor and preserve the interests of the financial elites of the nation should they be elected.

It isn't that the President finally selected is the nation's leader; it is more that the President is selected for his ability to lead the nation where the elites wish it to go -- sometimes they see the nation is ripe for thievery and harvesting the proles, and so a Reagan or Bush is pushed into office.  Sometimes the see that the nation needs to feel as if it is back in honest hands, so a Carter or JFK is permitted a term. In neither case is it the will of the people actually being expressed, only played to.

In a process that will cost up to a billion dollars during this coming 2008 election season, one prince or another will be declared unelectable well ahead of time, or even driven from serious public consideration by the media, in a guided choice that the voting public is asked to go along with -- or rather, that one half of the voting public is asked to go along with, since over half of American voters -- don't ever vote.

As contrast to this system, look at what is not possible -- a populist leader arising "from the streets" and being swept into power by the support and votes of the people. He or she would die before they ever got close to the halls of power. Small plane accident. Outright assassination. Something will happen.

However, my dear geezer in Paris, I must challenge your entire premise that we American got what we wanted in Bush. Twice.

No sir. We got raped twice.  The two-to-one approval rating you speak of was in the fever following 9/11, when the fondest wishes of the economic elites was rammed through good and proper and the cover stories were holding. It was not so in either election.

He did not win in 2000 and he did not win in 2004; he was inserted into office so the ultra-wealthy could clear cut the American middle class and make this into a third world country.

And that little project's proceeding nicely.

Frames exist within larger frames. Draw a larger frame around your opponent's frame; he will appear wrong or insufficient. This is how wizards play.

by Antifa (antifa@bellsouth.net) on Wed Dec 27th, 2006 at 07:03:14 AM EST

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