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This is a good account as far as it goes.  I think your argument would be stronger if you acknowledged, however, the existence and role of elites in the US.  

These are the people who shape the media and feed the approved narrative to the proles.  They LOVED Reagan; they love "he said / she said" "journalism;" they propagate the meme that the market works magic and government is a zero sum - or negative sum game; and they are disappointed that their boy Dubya hasn't worked out that well.  

They will still be in place when Dubya is toast - and they are working on arranging the next fratboy to rule us.  And they hated Clinton and started working to remove him the day he swore the oath of office.

So while it is true that the majority of Americans couldn't tell you for sure if Reagan was President before Carter or after, and who exactly fought on which side during WWII, we have arrived at this sorry juncture because the road was well-paved and carefully by our elites.  I find the media/Elite retreat from truth and empiricism - supposedly a characteristic of post-modern eggheads - the most chilling and Orwellian aspect of it all.  Go read Vonnegut on the 1972 Republican Convention, in Wampeters and Grandfalooons.   It was all there even then.

by cambridgemac on Tue Dec 26th, 2006 at 11:28:40 PM EST

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