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Matt Taibbi - formerly of "the eXile", now working for Rolling Stone magazine, had an article last week that discussed the source of Polonium and the competing theories about who killed Litvinenko. He makes the following interesting point:

That's what's truly scary about the Litvinenko story. Although something very twisted is clearly going on in Russian politics -- most likely a struggle over the 2008 succession that may yet become bloodier, but perhaps something as mundane as a gangland disagreement between political exiles -- the more serious issue is the use of a deadly radioactive material in a Western capital. In virtually every scenario you can imagine the Litvinenko story describes the misuse and misplacing of nuclear material.

He describes three main scenarios involving Igor Sechin and Boris Berezovsky mostly.

In the eXile itself, Kirill Pankratov examines the various conspiracy theories and finds them all wanting, while Eduard Limonov doesn't seem to have many doubts about whodunit: the FSB he says

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