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As someone says above:  Do you have to ask?  

To that I will only add, if you are doing this, you KNOW that your civilization is evolving toward its demise.  Civilizations do not last long once their infrastructures are looted out.  

But let's look at an example:

The city of Atlanta Georgia decided that maintaining the city's drinking water was too much trouble, so they would sell it off to a private company, and make money to boot.  Or, at least, that is what they said they were doing.  

Well, the private company quickly decided that maintaing the water supply was indeed to much trouble, and drinking water was quickly replaced with smelly brown goop, which no one would even try to drink.  

They didn't quit charging for it, though.  

Last I heard, the city was trying to buy the system back, just so the city could have a water supply, but the company was demanding top dollar to give it up.  

Well, who could have imagined!  ;)

The Fates are kind.

by Gaianne on Fri Dec 8th, 2006 at 02:55:50 AM EST
do you have a link?
by wchurchill on Sun Dec 10th, 2006 at 07:37:37 PM EST
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