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I too meant national identities.

The Belgian one only formed in the 18th century, and the ones now poised to replace it are still forming. The German one was not indifferent from Panslavism in the 18th and most of even the 19th century, it transformed a lot in the process of unification and swallowing of local identities (which was still ongoing in the first half of the 20th century), and, say, would have been a lot different had Austria unified the rest, not Prussia. (Or, if both had unified a part, creating a big Northern and a big Southern Germany, divided by the Weißwurst-Äquator. Or, if Hitler's Anschluss, then supported by an Austrian majority, hadn't been undone.) To my knowledge, Gascogne identity, which was strong even at the time of the French Revolution, almost completely died out, while the Breton one is fading strongly lately. (Tho' I did see signs of Breton nationalism when I was in Brittany.) English was rather underdeveloped due to the British identity, and still is.

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