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Well, in 1980, one parallel I saw was the dual move - students/wrokers' councils and intelligentsia/workers. Regarding the aftermath, I definitely did NOT meant that the regime hasn't gone after the students and intelligentsia - but did so with different vigour. Imprisonment and blacklisting and repeated firing from jobs (and for some the suggestion to emigrate) was the fate of many in the intelligentsia. But I submit 1980 is definitely different in there being no executions, so there couldn't have been that big differences in treatment, and much more leading figures could survive to play a post-1989 role. (Well to a lesser extent that is also true for the Velvet Revolution.)

Yes, the Polish link was direct: the protest that turned into a revolution started out as an announced sympathy protest for the workers of Poznan. Interesting input about the Polish response to 1956 - I knew about solidarity, but not that it was so much in the open.

I add a further bit of historical quirk: a still unresolved mystery is the shooting in front of Parliament on 25 October (70 dead). At the time there were protesters and Soviet tanks on the square - with some soldiers befriending the protesters. Someone first shot at the protesters from a roof - followed by some of the tanks also shooting at the crowd, but other tanks shooting at the rooftop shooters!

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