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Ok I am replying to this as a response to both of your posts. First of all, it is clear that both countries--namely France and Netherlands--use referendums to bring the public closer to the political and/economic decision-making process. This is to say that they respect the ones who brought them to power. Furthermore, lets not forget that EU and every institutional--governmental or not--is made to serve the people and to benefit the people. Now, I know that you may feel reluctant to believe or accept the fact that some people, who in fact have nothing to do directly with your country, have a say in Bulgaria's future. It's a normal feeling, but I don't think you should be so tacky into concluding that nobody should care about their opinion. When u think about it, when Bulgaria enters EU a lot of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) founding will go to the new entering countries, and Bulgaria will be one of the beneficiaries to the expense of France especially. Now, how do you think will the French people react to Bulgarians? After all, why should the Bulgarians have a say in the French's life. As u can see--or I hope you do--the EU has proven to be a very interactive union and since we are all trying to be part of it, we have to accept that is the people who have the right to talk, as they are the ones directly affected by the decisions taken. The European constitution failed because it was initially disapproved by the French and the Dutch, and I think that people have the right to ask for what they think will bring a better future for them. What politicians can do at this point, is to make the public understand that the entrance of new countries will not threaten the present balance in the lives of the already member-states, and that new entrances should not be seen as the reason for future failure. The EU is fairly new in its existence and all the countries are facing identity and sovereignty problems, once the concept of the UNION is accepted and countries as well as people give in to that concept things may have a chance to change. But of course this cannot be achieved if, still at this point, there are people who do not accept the interdependence between states.
by SdRaWkCaB on Tue Feb 21st, 2006 at 08:51:37 AM EST
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