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Italy is all for strict integration, introduce all the german and french laws, do it now, do it quick and would anyone please rule the country for us, we are tired of doing it ourselves... the economy is not as bad as greece and portugal (yet) so I don't see any problem there.

Denmark would be happy to stay out, with Norway and Sweden in that little community of them. So no problem there either.

I personally can't see why the main countries (Spain, Italy, France and Germany) couldn't just give the middle finger to the others and push ahead. They would in turn force their economic areas to get in, but on different and clear terms (e.g. Poland please don't fuck around, Ireland please leave Microsoft at the door, etc) and certainly we'd have a proper debate with no "sacred cows". As it is, we are stuck.

by toyg (g.lacava@gmail.com) on Wed Feb 22nd, 2006 at 07:49:18 AM EST
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