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Let's put it this way. Having in mind that the majority of Bulgarians have just a basic idea of the EU, I am not comfortable with the fact that their opinion could be considered reliable, or that of any other populace. You are a Bulgarian, just like me, and I have no doubt that you remember the notorious survey conducted a couple of years ago following the start of the negotiation process for accession to the EU. The poll clearly illustrated that approximately only twenty percent of the Bulgarian population had a clear vision of the EU. Most of them just said that they want to be EU members. Asked why, the majority simply stated "Because it is good." And if you ask them why it is good, I am positive they would not have an answer. Because, let's face it. People, who are not politically aware, as they should be in this case, just follow the crowd and their opinion is not trustworthy, because it is easily swayed. This is also called "manipulation" which, by the way, is a powerful instrument often used by political elites for the sake of power. And this is also true for any other country and its population. A person, or a group of people, who does not have an expertise in a certain field should not be allowed to make decisions in this area.  

As to the democratic bla bla, come on. Such speculations could lead, and have led throughout human history, to demonstrations, riots, and much worse situations. Power is for the powerful, educated, and shrewd guys. The others are the work force. Sounds cynical? But realistic! From the dawn of human civilization, there has been differentiation in society, social classes, and every person knew his or her place. Nowadays, it is just not so obvious, but it is still out there. And the reason that politicians throw dust in the eyes of the general public, is namely because people like you really think that they can make a difference.

Sad, but true.

by verchenceto (veronique@mail.bg) on Mon Feb 20th, 2006 at 04:21:36 PM EST
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