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The first and most obvious reason is TBTC, to beat the competition, the good old "we got the scoop."

But once they had it, the authors can emphasis their talking points. If you check the pdf versions of these articles you'll note that the first article has an introductory piece that allegedly explains why the detractors have got it all wrong about the Niger caper. Il Giornale supports the theory that there is some sort of leftwing conspiracy against the "three B's" (Bush, Blair and Berlusconi). They tend to highjack critical appraisal of the case by making it a personal thing.

For some reason il Giornale feels that these transcripts, arguably cherry-picked in certain passages, prove their case. I see no reason or substance in their argument. Since I am interested in the transcripts, whether cherry-picked or not, I did not translate most of their speculation. The transcripts stand on their own and are getting some critical attention and interesting feed-back by eRiposte at the Left Coaster.

One passage over at TLC speculated that these could be fake. I don't think so. The last article which I translated in its entirety paraphrases what Martino taped in his conversations. Granted the authors could choose what to publish, they nevertheless have in mind that they are doing a public service. Hell, they don't even gloss over the "Ledeen OR Wolf" remark by Burba. (I'd be glad to shoot the bull about Ledeen or even his Ouija board chum but not in this context.)

This is the rough overview of the warring parties in the Italian press: Most of the scoops come out of the major establishment opposition paper, la Repubblica. They've always had the initiative in this case (as well as many more, such as the Telekom Serbia Commission scandal or the Mitrokhin Commission scandal). The Berlusconi press fences with them through several dailies- il Giornale, il Tempo, Libero and il Foglio.

Then there are flankers and spoilers. L'Unità has done some interesting original work by Gianni Cipriani which has never made it into the international press. However, they also did a hatchet job by Andrea Purgatori full of crucial errors that the right wing, and apparently the SISMI, picked up as ammunition.

Now the B press has pulled off some interesting scoops. In fact they have repeatedly managed to talk to most of the key figures, which is something la Repubblica hasn't been able to do. Evidently Rocco Martino just won't talk to la Repubblica. Nor Nucera. Getting into Ionta's investigation transcripts is another feather in their hat.

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