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Red America would be a formidable challenger to Stalin and his heirs in the last half of the 20th century. Consider how relatively weak countries, like Yugoslavia and Albania, were able to break away from Moscow's dominance and mount an ideological challenge and the history of the relationship between the Soviet Union and China.

I have often thought that the very last thing the Soviet Politburo would have wanted was a Communist America, particularly one which had been created by local Communists not at the point of Soviet bayonets. It would have been very well placed to replace the Soviets as the dominant influence in global communism.

Perhaps Moscow would have had to take up capitalism to compete.  

by Gary J on Sat Feb 25th, 2006 at 08:38:45 PM EST
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Gus Hall Memorial Lecture, Harvard Peoples University, 4th July 2006

Welcoming remarks by the Governor of the Massachusetts American Socialist Republic.

Comrades, today we welcome our Dear Leader, the beacon of hope to the struggling masses, Comrade President and First Secretary of the Communist Party of the United Socialist States of America George Bush. (20 minutes of stormy applause and chants of USSA follows before Comrade Governor Romney can continue his remarks).

We are now embarking on the celebration of the 50th anniversary of our liberation from the yoke of the capitalist oppressors. Yes it is 50 years to the day when the tyrant John Nance Garner surrendered Marxton (what was then called Washington after the vicious slave master and land hungry imperialist who founded a country fit only for racist capitalists). Victory to the Peoples Liberation Army. The foundation of our current prosperity.

Some people were deluded that capitalism could be saved from its own contradictions. When President elect Franklin Roosevelt, another puppet of the economic Royalists, was assassinated they had a replacement to hand. John Nance Garner, a product of the segregated South, who imposed cruel public expenditure cuts to honour the gods of sound finance and orthodox capitalist economics. A man who had no wish to indulge in even the ineffective gestures of Herbert Hoover.

No wonder the starving masses rose in revolt and under the leadership of the party embarked on the long war for a Socialist America. However much Garner struggled - imposing martial law and abandoning the tradition of rigged elections between two capitalist tools which they used to call democracy, he was unable to defeat the people in arms.

But I have spoken too long, our great leader can explain the vision of the new America far better than I could. Comrades I give you George Bush, the friend of the proletariat and scourge of the bloated plutocrats in Moscow.

by Gary J on Sat Feb 25th, 2006 at 09:17:47 PM EST
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