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You mean besides the obvious? That they almost certainly rely on oil to be economically viable, take up a lot of space, are slow and prone to congestion, and are more than a little dangerous?

Yes, I'm aware of the alternative fuels that are trumpeted as being able to replace oil. I don't think any are going to go anywhere or, rather, that we shouldn't rely on them going anywhere. Hydrogen, for example, has serious transportation and storage issues, never mind the problems with making the stuff. Hydrogen fuel cells have similar problems, and add a reliance on some very rare elements. Biodiesel has volume problems - it could probably run a fleet of busses, but not a fleet of cars like most nations currently sport. Batteries... Grid-charged batteries might work. But again, I suspect there's a lurking volume issue, and we still haven't resolved the safety and space issues.

The purpose of this series of diaries is to address the objection that a green society isn't viable, or requires major (and unpleasant) changes to the ways we live our lives. In general, Knoxville Progressive and I are sort of looking at "best worst case" scenarios, and toying with different ways we could do things while maintaining a green lifestyle not entirely unlike the one we have now. (And better in many ways) We're trying to deal with, for example, the notion that a green society can't exist because everyone would have to bicycle everywhere.

by Egarwaen on Sun Feb 5th, 2006 at 08:30:18 PM EST
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