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As I said, those imams are the key perpetrators here. Still, recognizing culpability and the larger problem of radical Islam does not eliminate the fact of the People's Party.

My point being is this. What is the solution in the long run? Is Islam indeed incompatible with liberalism? Should Islamic immigrants be repatriated? Should Islamic immigration be stopped? Why are there lots of radical Muslims in Europe and not in the US? Why aren't these Muslims better integrated? Do you build a wall around Europe?

I'm not asking these questions to get a rise, either. One needs to seriously address the longterm implications of what this crisis means. Acknowledging and defending free speech - which I agree is of central importance -  does not answer any of the above questions, though. This is part of my problem with the people who see the issue only in free speech terms - because they only acknowledge the short term question. What is to be done in the long term? About the existence of radical Islam? About the large differences more generally between the "west" and the Islamic world?

Because whether I or you like it or not, this controversy has revealed a major rift between two world views.

by Ben P (wbp@u.washington.edu) on Wed Feb 8th, 2006 at 11:49:41 PM EST
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