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Maybe neocon "true believers" bought the war as for democracy, but the real powers behind the throne -- Cheney and Rumsfeld -- never believed that, I'm sure. They are the heirs of the old Midwest/Rocky Mtn isolationism. They're not strictly isolationist anymore, but their guns are still trained on Wilson/FDR-style liberal internationalism. They are unilateralists who believe that unchecked American power should dominate the globe (and beyond), and they have no use for international institutions or alliances that are not completely controlled by the US. And they have no use for fantasies about "democratizing" the rest of the world. They cozy up to anyone who will toe the US line, as when Rummy went to Baghdad and planted a nice big sloppy wet kiss on Saddam back about 20 years ago.
by TGeraghty on Thu Mar 2nd, 2006 at 12:51:56 AM EST
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