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Belgian humor :
Why do ducks have webbed feet? To stamp out fires.
Why do elephants have flat feet? To stamp out burning ducks.

Dutch about Belgians :
A Belgian met a Dutch friend, who was driving a Rolls Royce and spending money like water.
'How did you get so rich?' the Belgian asked.
'I went to Canada, to shoot bears. The fur coats are very expensive.'
'How do you go about shooting bears?'
'It's very simple. You should go there in winter. When you enter a cave you will find a bear. Since it is in hybernation, it is very easy to shoot it.'
Three months later they meet again. This time the Belgian is entirely wrapped in bandages.
'What has happened to you?'
'Well' the Belgian replies: 'I went to Canada, I entered a cave with my gun, and the train came.

Belgians about Italians  :
There are two policemen on duty in Rome, when they're approached by a tourist. He asks a question in English, obviously looking for help. They don't understand him, so he tries again in French. Still no better. He tries once more in German, and, getting no response, finally gives up and goes away.
"I think we should learn a foreign language, don't you?", says one policeman. "It might be useful". "I don't see why", says the other. "That tourist knew several, and it didn't help him".

French about Belgians  :
 What sign do they put on the bottom of Belgian swimming pools?
"No smoking".

Belgians about Americans:
Why are the streets in Hollywood so clean?
Because they put all the garbage on television.

French about Belgians  :
So the Belgian king met with the French president and said, "We have to do something about this... how about you guys do something stupid so we can laugh about it?"
The French president said, "Okay, we'll build a bridge in the desert."
The Belgian king went home with news that the French had built a bridge in the desert, and the Belgians were laughing and laughing. In fact, they wouldn't stop laughing.
Eventually, the Belgian king had put a stop to this. He went back to France and told the president, "Okay, that was funny but we really need to end this. You can destroy the bridge now..."
The French president replied, "Well we would except for all the Belgians fishing on it."

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