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I think the most important one is real estate quality and prices. I have checked out some websites such as Immoweb and Immoscan, plus a few others. There are 19 communes in Brussels, and I have no idea which one would have the best combination of good housing, good public transportation, relatively close to the center, food, shopping, etc.

Also, food is another big one. What is it like? What are some of the habits of Belgians when it comes to food as well as everyday life? I understand Brussels is relatively wealthy in terms of incomes. Is it expensive to live?


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by Tsarrio (dj_tsar@yahoo.com) on Fri Mar 10th, 2006 at 07:31:14 PM EST
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Belgium is a surrealistic concept, very, very hard to explain even to a Belgian.
There are three official languages Flemish-French-German. So Brussels = Brussel-Bruxelles-Brûssel.
So in the Flemish part of Belgium you can see panic stops by French (drug)tourists returning from the Netherlands on the highway nearby a traffic sign that indicates 'RIJSEL' not knowing it's Flemish for the northern French city 'LILLE'.

BTW ; Flemish is the same language (officialy by treaty) as Dutch. ( I'm sure Nomad will flame me on this)

When you ask a Belgian, how many governments we have , you have a 90% change he or she will answer: "I'm not really sure" Well the real answer is not clear since we always have problems like 'who is responsible for what?' The answer is : about 7 (seven). Don't try to figure it out , the Belgians can't.

Real estate and price : are you rich? Then there is no problem. in any other case; one rule: don't trust any website, go look for yourself and discuss the price with the owner.
There are indeed 19 communes in Brussels: keep in mind the population is very diverse and very international:
we have the EC and NATO headquarters with their personnel (thens  of thousends) , almost 50% is first or second generation immigrant . There is a large Congolese group, concentrated in "Matonge" but also more than 150 other nationalities.
Food : you find everything in Brussels, from McDonalds to Pizza Hut; from Thai to Marocan, from Argentinian to Nepalese even Texas T-bone steakhouse. Lots of very cheap restaurants ( Greek are very good)

Useful links with info, maps, webcams.....:
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