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This book is a study of Chile's turbulent recent history. It covers Salvador Allende's socialist revolution and explains how it sank Chile into chaos, economic deprivation, political turmoil, and illegality. It covers Chileans' repudiation of the Allende government three years later and their call to the military to intervene after the August 1973 congressional censure of Allende failed to stop Allende or convince him to resign.

By winter 1973, Chileans were desperate, as famine loomed in Chile and disorder reigned in the streets. Allende's government had so destroyed the productive apparatus that on Sept. 6, 1973, President Allende announced: "We do not have the most minimal supply of flour, at most for three or four days."

On September 11, 1973, the Chilean military intervened and put a stop to Allende's palace coup against Chile's longstanding democracy. The book explains how the incoming military government quickly restored production in Chile. Before three weeks, shops were re-stocked with goods and long lines for consumer products had subsided. The book details the economic plan-"the Brick"-- written by US-trained Chilean economists, and shows how its implementation by the Pinochet government lifted Chile out of the ranks of third world nations and put the country on a path to modernization.


_The Pinochet government was the most successful government Chile has ever known. Yet, the world views Pinochet as a monstrous dictator and Allende as a caring social democrat. The book tells the story of how the myth of Allende was created and shows its continuing deleterious effect on Chile. The October 1998 arrest of Pinochet in Britain on a warrant issued by a low-level Spanish magistrate was a stunning outcome of the triumph of communist propaganda over fact.

Chile: Two Visions, The Allende-Pinochet Era
by Karen Araujo and Paul Craig Roberts

Is the multicultural campaign really about diversity? Or is it about stamping out Western civilization and the "white race" itself?


If you thought genocide was left behind in the 20th century, be apprised that today genocide has a home in the educational system.

Harvard Hates The White Race?

Two weeks after Americans chose a new president on Nov. 7, the Democratic Party is still trying to change the vote count.

There is no excuse for a party that controls both executive and legislative power in Florida to stand aside while thieves steal the election. Every member of the Florida Supreme Court should be arrested, indicted, and immediately put on trial for aiding and abetting vote fraud. The Democrats, who are re-voting already recounted ballots, must also be arrested, indicted and tried for perpetrating vote fraud. The media that threw the West Coast to Gore by falsely announcing Gore's victory before the polls closed, together with the media that is cloaking Florida vote fraud as a recount, must also be indicted for their participation in fraud. Once Bush assumes the office to which he has been elected, Republicans must turn their attention to dismantling the Democratic Party's Propaganda Ministry that masquerades as a news media. The most obvious solution is nationalization. Give the corrupt media the socialism it wants, and run the organizations as strict news outlets with all editorializing and opinion banned. Once Americans can get the facts, they will realize that a Nazi Party (aka the Democratic Party) has grown up in their midst.

The democratic nazi party

_ An honest look at democracy's "great victories" shows them to be unmitigated disasters. The Civil Rights Act destroyed freedom of conscience, voluntary association and equality in law, replacing it with status-based privileges from the feudal past. Busing and federal aid destroyed public education. The Great Society spending programs eroded family and encouraged public dependency. The New Deal destroyed accountable law by forcing Congress to delegate lawmaking power to unelected federal bureaucrats. The Social Security Act substituted an intergenerational Ponzi scheme, which is entirely dependent on favorable demographics, for individual saving. The Federal Reserve Act gave us the Great Depression. American entry into World War I, which was to make the world "safe for democracy," resulted in Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao. Yet, all these disastrous policies greatly benefited the politicians who inflicted them. When democracy is mixed with racial and cultural diversity, the combination of short time horizons with internal conflict maximizes weakness, regardless of accumulated scientific and technological skills._

Destroying the West with political correctness

There is lots more where this came from. Roberts is a radical right wing white supremacist who happens to also believe that America should pursue an isolationist policy in the post Cold War era. That has led him to oppose both the Yugoslav wars and Iraq, but it doesn't change what he is.

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The October 1998 arrest of Pinochet in Britain on a warrant issued by a low-level Spanish magistrate was a stunning outcome of the triumph of communist propaganda over fact.
Whoa! Garzon is (and was already then) one of the most senior prosecuting judges in the most powerful Spanish Court (other than the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court).

A society committed to the notion that government is always bad will have bad government. And it doesn't have to be that way. — Paul Krugman
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OK I did not check on Roberts...I was just surfing Internet and I thought this was an interesting aspect of the situation. And also because it was on anti-war site I just didn't feel need and also did not have time to check properly. Thank you for letting me know this.

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