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However, ETA is indeed an increasingly isolated gang of thugs.

When it comes to violence, yes.  But it's important to note that ETA supposes a demcratic process in which the Basque country will have a referendum to decide whether or not to the Basque country will be independent.  When the you start banning parties because you don't like what they have to say, people question whether the state sans democracy is legitimate.

Batasuna for its links to ETA, wasn't banned because of those connections. It was advocacy for an indendent state that caused that to happen. Remember how Aznar threated to throw Ibarratxe in prision when he refused to unseat the elected representatives of Batasuna?  Or the vitriol launch against the man when he said he wanted a referendum on the status of the Basque country?

And I'll give my consent to any government that does not deny a man a living wage-Billy Bragg

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