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The domestic proponents of nuclear power (which included most of my physicist teachers BTW) long praised the security record of Hungary's only nuclear power plant at Paks (a four-block installation). Until one day... in April 2003, during chemical cleaning of the fuel rods in block 2, there was a sudden run of overheating, which damaged most of the fuel rods. (It was classified a level 3 accident on the 0-7 accident scale.)

It took one and a half years before the reactor was started again. With the damaged fuel rods left in it. However, ever since, an alliance of environmental groups is trying to get the power plant to release the experts' risk studies which they used to get permission to run again. An attempt stonevalled by the power plant in court with techicalities ever since...

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by DoDo on Thu Mar 23rd, 2006 at 05:42:30 PM EST
A major reason why Poland has no nuclear power is that the Party got rid of two thirds of the nuclear power institute back in 1968. One third were fired for being of Jewish origin, another third either resigned in protest or were fired for protesting. That set back the program by a good decade, and by the time they were about to construct a plant, Chernobyl hit, public pressure delayed things and it eventually got abandoned.
by MarekNYC on Thu Mar 23rd, 2006 at 06:20:34 PM EST
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