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You don't understand - democracy IS synonymous with chaos in Russia and Belorussia (and Ukraine to an extent).

Well, isn't that nice for the anti-democrats? How did it get that way?

Talk about your lack of attention.  This is all I write about on this site.  The fact that shock therapy, recommended by western economists, combined with "democracy" have left Russians hungering for stability - which Putin has provided.

It got that way because the west made it that way.  It is very convenient, isn't it?  The west creates the problem, then berates and belittles the country for having the problem.

What I don't understand is that people here lionize Hugo Chavez for his anti-globalization stand.  Here's Lukashenko doing the same thing in Belorussia, yet he's ostracized.  What's the difference between the two?  Both spend most of their GDP improving the situation for the poorest members of their countries.  That seems like a laudable goal by any liberal standard.  

by slaboymni on Thu Mar 23rd, 2006 at 06:57:48 PM EST
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