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I don't believe for a second that democracy IS synonymous with chaos in neither Russia nor Belorussia and certainly not in Ukraine.  If implemented correctly, that might even mean gradually, democracy is only a blessing for the people.

I wasn't asking you.  I was telling you how Russians feel about democracy after having it forced down their throats.  If you were in Russia during the transition period and saw what "your blessing for the people" did, you would not make such a statement.

Have you ever gone to a circus and seen completely mentally-unstable and severely physically-handicapped people puking all over the bleachers (and each other) and spending the whole day there because they are let in for free and they would die of exposure alone on the street in the winter?  Ordinary people could not help them, as they were not being paid and, in many cases, weren't getting enough to eat themselves.  The only people that benefitted from the free market, democratic reforms, the New Russians, were too busy buying rhinestone-studded leashes for their rottweilers to be bothered with helping those in need.

Putin is a prime example of a democratically-elected, genuinely-popular leader who displays "authoritarian" tendencies.  Are you going to tell the Russian voters that they can't elect him?  Well, that's exactly what you're telling the Belorussian people.

by slaboymni on Thu Mar 23rd, 2006 at 07:43:29 PM EST
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