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The Lukashenka regime is the last remnants of authoritarianism in Europe.

Thank you for quoting verbatim the neo-con line on this issue.  PNAC, and Bush, would be so proud that their propaganda has even penetrated so-called liberals.

Has it ever occurred to you that Lukashenko is genuinely popular in Belorussia?  Salaries are regularly paid to ordinary workers (not extravagant salaries to CEO's).  The GDP grew at 8-9% last year - better than any western European economy.

It's almost like you (and all the multinationals) would like to impose economic shock therapy and free markets and "democracy" on Belorussia, "for it's own good".  It's doing pretty well by itself, you know.

I do agree with you that the demonstrations smack of the Ukraine's Orange "Revolution", in that they are also probably funded by western governments/multinationals wanting to cash in.

by slaboymni on Thu Mar 23rd, 2006 at 12:48:52 PM EST
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