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Thank you for quoting verbatim the neo-con line on this issue.  PNAC, and Bush, would be so proud that their propaganda has even penetrated so-called liberals.

Has it ever occurred to you that Lukashenko is genuinely popular in Belorussia?  Salaries are regularly paid to ordinary workers (not extravagant salaries to CEO's).  The GDP grew at 8-9% last year - better than any western European economy.

The fact that neocons say something doesn't mean it is necessarily false and liberals are not swallowing the neocon line anymore than the neocons are swallowing the left's line. As for Lukashenko's popularity - I don't think many people are seriously disputing that he is popular and would win a fair election. But just because a dictatorship has majority support does not mean it is a democracy.

It's almost like you (and all the multinationals) would like to impose economic shock therapy and free markets and "democracy" on Belorussia, "for it's own good".  It's doing pretty well by itself, you know.

There are various reasons why  the EU and the US supported the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and are supporting the opposition in Belarus, but cashing in is pretty low on the list.  Those in the EU who support neo-liberal economics in general, want them applied in Ukraine and Belarus, those who oppose neoliberalism don't - it's purely incidental to the support for democracy. The main two reasons for US and EU policy are genuine idealism and the strategic aim to expand the EU influence into a buffer zone between themselves and Russia.

by MarekNYC on Thu Mar 23rd, 2006 at 01:42:49 PM EST
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