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Very true, and it's exactly what happens. People I knew turned all snotty when they integrated some of the prestigious schools.

Amusingly too, the two friends of mine that currently make the most money (some 10 years after prépa, 7-8 years after having graduated from a Grand Ecole) are:

  • 1 guy who was a heavy pot smoker in prépa and who barely managed to get into the lousiest of Engineering schools, ENSI Papet' (engineering school specialised in paper), and who is now a director in this huge press syndicate, making huge bucks. Earning a lot more than those of our friends who've been to the best Grandes Ecoles.

  • 1 guy who went to the same school I did (but the telecom one, not the managerial one), a very bright and lazy student ... who after our school lazily wrote a thesis in AI over a period of 3 years, which is considered a long time in the dynamic world of IT ... who then spent some time trying to write a sports lottery guessing AI software, and who after that wrote cheating software to earn money from porno websites ... well this guy bought an internet domain name with a diacritic before these were supported, and that name is basically "download.com" in French, but with a diacritic. And now that diacritics are supported, because of this single diacritic, his website receives huge amounts of visitors who believe they're going to the website without the diacritic. Just from commercial income alone, he makes something like 30 000 euros a month and spends all his time on the beach or skiing. His investment (domain name purchase and basic hosting) cost him 20 euros!

My question is:

If Number 1 went to the lousiest Grande Ecole but earns more than those that went to the best, and if Number 2 earns heaps more than those that went to the best while working 0 hours per day, then doesn't this mean that the system failed for number 1 and ended up being useless for number 2?

by Alex in Toulouse on Sat Mar 25th, 2006 at 05:31:23 PM EST
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