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I believe that our system is more articulated along the lines of critical thought. You can say what you want, even if it outrages the teacher, as long as it is well-argumented.

A lot of people here believe that you have to flatter the teacher, but I know this one person, brilliant, who was so bored with his philosophy topic at the Baccalaureate that he wrote an Alexandrine poem (that adressed the topic). He got a 20/20, which is a normally impossible note to get in a literary topic (just out of principle they never give you a perfect grade).

I was also friends with this other person, this time in Classes Préparatoires, who at a written exam on "Human Nature" quoted a few lines from a rock group's most popular song and developed the main part of his paper around it. Now most people, all year along, had been focusing on learning classical quotes, ie. quoting the Greeks, quoting Descartes etc ... I gather the teachers were so tired of seeing the same quotes in everybody's texts, every year, that they gave my friend an excellent grade.

So originality is perfectly alright, and not going the teacher's ways is ok too ... in fact it's rather encouraged.

by Alex in Toulouse on Sun Mar 26th, 2006 at 03:27:07 AM EST
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