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Honest, I wanted to ask too... I would say,maybe 90%?

I went to a "grande école" myself. Not the "crème de la crème" like Jérôme, but a grande école anyway...

An interesting point is what what you call "elite": any "grande Ecole", or just the top seeds.
In the first case, it amounts to about 25.000 people every year in 1980, maybe 40-50.000 now.
In the second case, 400 then and 800 now.

I hope you realise  you interact with the french elite?  <snark>

An explanation why you just find "grandes écoles" here, if you agree that this blog is mostly visited by people with higher education profile, is the language: the remaining french professionals (medicine, law) dont speak so much english, as they don't study it and don't need to.

And as I always explain to foreigners: if you exclude vocation and family tradition which at age 18 are rare, doctors and lawyer in France are 2nd tier students. In my baccalaureat class ( "C section", scientific major but we had the best students in french literature too), the first 1/4 without exception went for a "classe préparatoire" for an engineering school. Then, a "classe préparatoire" for business school. The others, who were not accepted, has to take medicine, law, economy at the university.

The selection - based on mathematic- is completely rigged and socially internalized toward engineering grande écoles, followed by Business school.

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by lacordaire on Mon Mar 27th, 2006 at 06:03:44 AM EST
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