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I am a little bit "sur ma faim" reading your counter-proposals....
Tackling youth unemployment has been an issue for 20 years now, and all we've managed to come up were piecemeal remedies. The French left was not the last to blame, first Mitterrand and his 39 hours week, not specifically focused on the youth though, which was claimed to create jobs ... with hindsight, I am LOL at the mere mention of it.
To speak seriously, what we miss in France is true credibility on the part of the socio-democrats (the left) and practical ability to come up with meaningful proposals.
There is no effective counterweight to the current government's measures.

Coming back to your comment :

possibly it may make sense to nudge the long term work contracts into something a bit more flexible than the existing version.

  1. to be constructive : Why not we at ET come up with a "Energize employment" blueprint ?
  2. to be more critical : I am afraid I cannot be along the same lines as you, unless you further your argument : what do you understand by "a bit more flexible"? My view is that your perception is not accurate : the problem are not contractual provisions, the problem is the general climate of suspicion between employers and potential employees.
Employees are generally perceived as a cost, not to say a liability, in France.
At the risk of putting things in a very sketchy way, I'll say why : because someone who earns 50 K€ in France costs 100 K€ to the employer. In the UK, the same cost would turn into a 90 K€ earning. CQFD

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by Agnes a Paris on Mon Mar 27th, 2006 at 07:23:40 AM EST

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