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OK, let's add some actual debate to the fact-gathering!

It's great that you present alternative interpretations Jerome.  But before you accuse media outlets of ignorance and lies you should be humble to the fact that you're playing the statistics as much as they are.

For instance you say that the youth unemployment is only 8%, because you claim that students should be factored in.  However, the students are studying and do not compete in the market of full-time jobs.  Of those youth that DO compete for full-time jobs, 23% can't get one!  That's one in four!  (And if I remember correctly, this figure is around 50% for the banlieue immigrants.)

And for all your talk of job creation in France's supposedly flexible job market: France's overall unemployment has barely budged from 10-12% in the last two decades.

Why not?  A large part of the reason is that employers are wary of hiring when it is difficult (yes, not impossible, but difficult) to fire.  So of course employers resort to temp hires and such.

The only way to address this in a fair and effective fashion is not the CPE law that was limited to people under 26.  Instead, it is to make the whole job market flexible for everyone.  Let 90% lose a little psychological security (which is what it's about, the overall number of jobs is going to increase, not decrease), and let more of the remaining 10% actually get a job!

Ideals are the ultimate motivators. But also the greatest causes of destruction.

A tip: Don't get too high on your ideals.

by cge on Tue Apr 18th, 2006 at 01:21:14 PM EST

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