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No, downsizing is the same.

These requirements were brought in to soften the blow of mass lay-offs (which may just as well be decided on for cynical reasons as for authentic ones to do with loss of markets, downturns, etc). They are more stringent for big companies and big lay-offs (so-called "social plans" have to be implemented). Requirements are lower for small businesses and small numbers laid off.

Still, employers tend to want to avoid economic firings because of the extra cost involved. Jérôme said something about this in another thread, don't remember which there have been so many on this employment stuff (remember when it was the CAP they were banging on about and how France could not continue to refuse to see the light and yada yada, at least it was a different subject, sigh...), to the effect that "personal" dismissals were becoming more frequent than "economic" ones for this reason. Employers seek a deal with the employees they want or have to get rid of, give-and-take.

There were no doubt some good intentions behind the "economic" requirements, but they turned out to have some perverse effects.

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