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Dear Naneva, I want to address one more problem, related to Bulgaria's accession to the Union.There are people in Bulgaria who are not convinced that we should join the EU. They are too afraid that this accession will have negative consequences on the standard of living.As soon as the Euro becomes our official currency, all the prices will be changed from "leva" to "euro". For example, what has cost 1 lev, will cost 1 Euro. However, at the same time the salaries will not be directly translated into Euros. Rather, someone who has received 500 leva, will get 250 Euro. Thus, in the beginning Bulgaria will face serious challenges in the social sphere, and if the economy cannot sustain a decent standard of life, then probably this accession has to be delayed. All these concerns are related to this Euro scepticism and, I should say, some of them are not so pointless.
If we are to join the EU, we should not only be ready, but we should want it as well. As long as, there are Euro sceptics among the Bulgarian population, some of the necessary reforms cannot be carried out. Therefore, the question is not when Bulgaria will join the Union. Rather, we should ask ourselves when Bulgaria will be ready to address the challenges, related to its accession. And if we want to address them successfully,Bulgarians should truly believe in the benefits of this accession, so that the reforms will be carried out on time.
by hitchhiker on Mon Mar 6th, 2006 at 07:15:12 AM EST
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