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Dear Migeru, a backing for my statement would be the case in Germany and Austria. There, as soon as the Euro became the official currency and replaced the Deutsche Marc and the Schilling, the prices in the cafes were just changed to Euros. So, something that cost 1 Marc or 1 Schilling, would cost 1 Euro!
I do not necessarily claim that this will happen in Bulgaria as well, but this is my presumption. It does not happen everywhere, but as you can see in the examples from Germany and Austria, it can happen.
Regarding your second remark, I do not expect that Bulgaria and Romania will join immediately the Union. Actually, if you have read my comment carefully, you can see that I do not think that Bulgaria has the necessary macroeconomic conditions. Rather, I think that neither the Bulgarian public, nor its politicians are ready for this accession and its consequences.
by hitchhiker on Mon Mar 6th, 2006 at 10:37:17 AM EST
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