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How much international coverage did the death of Dotkora receive? I know several people in school were discussing it heatedly. Indeed, Bulgaria seems to be undergoing its Jazz Age. It seems some disagree the EU is the best thing for us and they are showing it as clearly as they can.

Gees, a year ago one of the big mafia bosses was shot dead at 1pm right in front of our university in the center of the town of Blagoevgrad, in southern Bulgaria! He was said to have been the biggest shark in the region. The amazing thing was that although for hours after he was shot people were crowding around the scene, a few days later everybody seemed to have forgotten about it. People and the local paper no longer mentioned it.

Most of the crowd members, i remember, said they weren't worried about their security because it's them big bosses that get killed like this - us poor people, who's gonna touch us and what for? Most of the people in the crowd also said that it served him right to die like this. So I guess the scenario with Doktora and all the other mafia bosses that got killed has been the same. The public seems to be immune despite all the coverage, most of it sensational.

But yes, the gist of the matter is: how ready are we to join the EU? But if it's not 2007, then 2008 is a sure thing.

by Brownie on Sun Mar 5th, 2006 at 03:45:30 AM EST

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