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Sadly, but I am also for a delay...I love Bulgaria and wish all the best for our country (and I believe joining EU will be good!) but we just need to be ready before doing something like that...before becoming a part of the "Big European family".

Let's take for example the infrastructure in Bulgaria: our roads are under construction all the time and as soon as they repair them, they need to start all over again. There are wholes literally everywhere on the road. If you have a new western car you definitely must be cautious when driving it around (that's why Bulgarians use their old Ladas:)).

Furthermore, our public transport...The trains--oh, my...It is either too cold during the winter or it is so hot that you need to open the window (and the temperatures outside are negative) and there is always somebody that is smoking in a non-smoking area and doesn't get a fee.

But, once again, don't get me wrong--I love my country and am eager to see it joining the EU!

by Denny on Sun Mar 19th, 2006 at 02:49:16 PM EST

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