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I remain convinced that political leaders of all parties (save the far right) are happily unaware of the significant change in the atmosphere in the EU. In short, there are no done deals and if the governments and opposition parties that support EU membership do not get their acts together, Bulgaria and Romania may be surprised to find themselves on the outside of the EU...though some Brussels watchers are beginning to get the picture..

Neneva has done a good job at pointing out the major areas that still lack attention. Whining that "but you just have to let us in" is not going to work in this new atmosphere and with European publics suffering from what has now been called "enlargement fatigue."

If there is a failure, it will be a failure of political will in Sofia and Bucharest...overly comfortable political elites and passive populations that would prefer to complain than to hold their political elites accountable in any other way. Holding political elites accountable does not end on election day; it begins. The sooner that Bulgarians and Romanians realize this, the better off they will be.

by gradinski chai on Sun Mar 5th, 2006 at 04:58:23 AM EST
Yes, i agree we need to start being more active so we can hold our politicians accountable. But we can't do that until we solve the problems Naneva has listed. On the other hand, to solve these problems, we need to be more vigilant. So it's a vicious circle.

I also agree that Bulgarian media and politicians still haven't shown us what's been happening lately within the EU. The majority of the Bulgarian public still seems to have those romantic views of the member states, whereas in reality apart from enlargement fatigue they also need to cope with problems such as ageing populations and ailing economies.

But then, if media and politicians told us the entire truth, what motivation would the population have to support our membership? People are already complaining about the expected problems: higher prices etc.

by Brownie on Sun Mar 5th, 2006 at 08:40:51 PM EST
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