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All silliness aside, I do wonder what kind of international response the enactment of the Pirate Party platform might entail.  For example, what kind of international response (primarily fromt he US, one would expect) if file sharing was legalized in Sweden and a significant infrastructure to support such activities was developed there.  This would put the laws of one country in direct conflict with the laws of pretty much everybody else, and on a subject that actually matters to the people who make laws due to the money involved.

I don't know what would happen.  Any ideas?  Does anybody think that, in retaliation, US network providers might block access to Swedish servers?  Would something like that even be possible?Furthermore, would not such laws be subject to challenge in the WTC?

Note that I am all in favor of such a position.  But I really wonder whether it would really be possible for one country to `go it alone` with a policy so dramatically at odds with the US.

by Zwackus on Wed Mar 8th, 2006 at 07:17:45 PM EST

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