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We are not sure about what the international answer might be, but we are more worried about EU-action then US-action. As part of the EU, Sweden is protected against some US governmental economic measures, like raised tariffs and such (the EU being a single market, you can not raise tariffs on just one member country). As far as technical or diplomatic measures go, we will just have to see. Anyway it will be educational.

One of the reasons for the Pirate Party is a sentence last autumn in Sweden where a P2P-sharer got sentenced to pay a fine for distributing a movie. As long as non-enforcement was the norm, this amount of organisation was extremely unlikely. Now there is a feeling that we are under attack and want to strike back at the hearts of the stupidly greedy corporations, which is of course their revenue.

"Also the idea of Disney swooping in after five years and getting my stuff for free is not quite to my taste."

As I understand copyright law, Disney could then only show the movie in Sweden, because everywhere else you would still hold the rights to your story. :) On the other hand any Disney movie made before 2001 would be public domain and you could write a spin-off story as long as you just publish it in Sweden.

The serious answer is our demand is a few years of copyright. If succesfull I think we can hope for a compromise on perhaps 40 years, making anything produced before 1966 public domain. Which would be a huge advantage compared to the situation now (creators lifespan + 70 years). Therefore we really have not had much discussion on three or ten years as compared to five. In the Pirate Party there are some who just want to cut copyright back and some who want to abolish copyright altogether. We are however agreed on the way to go and we will sort out the ideal time if we ever get to the point were this will be necessary.

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by A swedish kind of death on Thu Mar 9th, 2006 at 10:25:25 AM EST
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