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yes, hydro-pumps are the ideal companion to wind power. You just need the right location which can provide for both. If you do have it, like in your case, it should be a no-brainer

I think that this is only workable if Ontario and Quebec are on board.  Since the North American grid is unified, it can happen.

just so you know, GE has basically given up on the 3.6 MW model. They've had too many problems with it and have stopped promoting it to clients, and are starting from scratch on a new (larger) model

I choose the GE model because I thought it was off the shelf.  The Vestas 4.5 MW model they say will be out in 2009, might be even better.  The winds at 100 meters are even better than the winds at 50 Meters. The wind density maps on Astruewind are fantastic.

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