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on what relates to Portugal, there had been an slow, but continuous increase (a convergence) in personal wealth towards the wealthy western european level for at least 50 yrs, and possibly the entire 20th century. it stopped in 2002, because of - 1 - the bad politics of the previous 15 yrs [1], and - 2 - rampant comsumerism. all resulting from very low education levels - which, it must be said everytime although it is nothing original, was a deliberate policy, maintained only because benefited at short time a few.

[1] the delay factor or operator. it kills us - by giving merit to regressive politics or customs that follow progressive ones which were the actual responsible for the increase in the well-being of a society. it exists in systems theory and is applyed in electronics, but hardly in general economic theory, does it not?

by findmeaDoorIntoSummer on Thu Mar 9th, 2006 at 12:48:33 PM EST
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