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This isn't an op-ed or a commentary article, it's a straight news item from the business pages - as such, it's very much about reporting what people say and/or do (with some context of course) rather than critiquing or commending what they said or did.

If, as you contend, all the major players are basically drinking the same free market kool-aid when it comes to competition policy within the EU - what is the Guardian to do when it comes to a "he said/she said" piece in this policy area? Clearly there is an element of editorialising that occurs when deciding which stories to run, so does this mean that they should not report what the chancellor of the exchequer is saying at Ecofin because they don't agree with it? If so, what should they have been reporting on instead?


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by silburnl on Mon Apr 10th, 2006 at 01:18:19 PM EST

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